lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

party one concluded. check.

so the party went very well, we managed to pack Doonajis apartment with thirsty people from our community, some friends other strangers friendly and not so friendly people of all sorts. in one night we pulled off painting a collective mural as a green light event to start us off and inspire our mission: pueblaciudadmural. ( ) we also painted loads of clay balls filled with mystery seeds for planting that will be sold later on for the project, and showed to short films, one of the project and the other : a video made to inspire our young generation to act towards social and evironmental change in their local community. It was ver inspiring to see so many people turn up with materials for out mission: buckets, paint, brushes , plastic sheaths for placing underneath the paintings, cloths for cleaning etc. those who forgot materials opened their wallets and dished out a couple pesos! we havent counted up the full amount of money and materials that we recieved since the last few days have been dedicated to cleaning and recycling the 140 bottles of beer that we sold as well :) will post the final amount soon. These are our first steps towards basic fundraising, it was nice to do a small local event towards our goal. :)

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