jueves, 30 de septiembre de 2010

TAREFA no. 3: A festa !

I was thinking of something that i can use towards my action: puebla ciudadmural in order to contribute to my ACTION project. What the community of xanentla needs at this point is MATERIALES to create the First mural. this first mural will be filmed and help to create attention on the internet with you-tube , facebook and twitter followers and will inspire people( as the guerreiros video inspired me) to contribute to the program and project action in general. AND FUNDING!!!!Also
something that has been annoying me is that tons of my friends have been saying " what a cool project, I want to contribute... I would love to donate some money or paint to your movement etc¨ and then nobody actually GIVES THE DONATION. how can we create a space and time for people to bring these donations in terms of materials and have it be fun too???

AND YES THE OBVIOUS for many and not so much for others idea came to be with a celestial light: FIESTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

yes ! and so its on! this saturday is the party that will help find donators that are friends family that dont need such a serious environment to donate, a more personal tone and fun!
this party represents an opportunity to:

1. present the project in a more official way in front of an audience that could potentially be artists,helpers, colaborators in many ways and introduce the project on a more personal and emotional level.
2. find donators in small amounts: money and Materials (or a lot!!!!)who shoudlnt limit our friends! they might turn out to be billionaries and generous ones!!!
3. a playful scenario to practice mural painting in a home, and a chance to sell handmade products to also fund the materials!!

in the next post i will explain more about each of these points and include drawings and photos and coming saturday, ill have more images to share of the final conclusion of the party!:)YEAY!

lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

my excess, my trash


well, this is quite a normal thing for me, but i made a more consciouss note of things:

I recycled :
3 water bottles
7 plastic bags
2 aluminum cans
and two plastic cheese containers.
I cleaned every wrapper that I came across!
i even erased a post it that i had written in pencil to re-use it and felt VERY PROUD!
all my organic food went to the community compost where I live
and I recycled a few posters from puebladiudadmural that didnt come out allright, as drawing paper for a logo im designing for a friend.
I didnt throw away any FOOD, and tried being creative in my recipes to include left overs in the refrigerator. today for isntance i recycled some left over peas, ham and veggies and made myself and my boyfriend Paulo ( yes his name is almost like mine haha ) a yummy veggie and noodle soup for the cold.

In the mexican state of veracruz at the moment, there is a hugge series of massive flooding going on. I went into my closet and came up with 3 YES THREE large paper bags full of clothing i just DO NOT WEAR, great clothing that will help them to be arm and cozy in such terribel weather. i also noticed this little thing insed me when im deciding if i should keep somthing or due without, and its this little tingling nostalgic stupid feeling of needyness... oh i think i might need this turquoise turtle neck with a hole in the elbow just in case turquoise turtlenecks ever come back into the fashion file.. i think ill hang on to this mobile adaptor in case my current phone dies , drowns in the toilet and then ill have to BUY another in order to use the adaptor i have witch CHURRENTLY doesnt work with my CURRENT phone. SWEET JESUS. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOO!

I gave one bag to Vica, my friend whos mom was taking some stuff to veracruz to some needed families, and tomorrow I will drop off the other two at the university where there is also a palce to hand in clothing food and supplies. i gave away also a necklace that i recycled from an old one, and im currently making necklaces as gifts for friends out of seeds that i found the other day on the ground.
It feels so refreshing to realize that you dont need so much stuff. its exilirating to get rid of clothing that YOU DONT NEED and is just keeping you from moving on to cleaner healthier environments . I FEEL MUCH LIGHTER. i have a feeling im gona go back in the clset and make a few more bags come out. there are definitely others who need them more than i do.

i just recently moved a month ago to mice new small one room flat. so my furnitiure is quite recycled, i only baught a bed and a couch. although im feeling guilty since i could of gotten that off of somebody else now. It feels fun to move raound with people asking about stuff surfing the web to share things and get thigns you need and not just BUY BUY BUY! I remembered the story of stuff video and smiled.
i baught an old milk aluminum container off of my mother in law and thinking of making it into a lamp! things are looking quite cool in the little house with all this recycling!im starting to notice that my friends are getting more and more used to this idea when they come over, and arent suprised when i show them the compost bin etc. imagine? recylcing normal? TI SHOULD BE !it has been for me for a wbile but its still catching on in mexico, and I ened to keep in tune for other things !

my commitment, challenges action dreams and PURPOSE.

I dream of a land where respect and truth is my flag. where people dont just be but "co-be or inter be" since we all need each other, where an ant is just as important as a person. where mother earth is intrinsically present in our state of consciousness, where there is no competition only cooperation. where who you are doesnt matter as long as it contributes to the mosaic collective beauty, where power is not measured, where love is the most purest value, where justice is the main course of a meal that is served cooked with love and shared by all.


I want to learn the ways of the warrior in order to come back to my country and create links with this program and my own where social justice is linked to spiritual fullfillment and a true bonding experience with communities towards more dignified enviornments that are not imposed by people who are not from the community but proposed shared and co designed, where art and architecture becomes an opportunity for action, friendship peace and a catalyst for HOPE.

I commit as well to becoming a better version of myself, to remember always my experience, my people my friends my dream weavers and catchers, to honour the path and the steps of the people that come my way and honour the knowledge given to me as a present as a guide as a lovely piece of chocolate cake that should be eaten slowly in good company, shared and digested.
to constantly work against my ego and let it slide away and smile at me from another place, at peace and seperate from my being so i can walk hand in hand with others towards all of that which brings light.


ALL personal mostly internal mosters that dissapoint or make myself doubt, but always pushable always cracks in them. All of us have our own demons, frustrations and baggage, i need to shed most of them still and it is a constant unpacking of things things things in the literal and metaphore state.
also indiferrence of others towards the better world.


Im currently a facilitator for the GENERATION WAKING UP movement, a child project of Awakening the dreamer, changing the dream in puebla, mexico. I am committed to volunteer work that brings forth a thriving just and sustainiable world through personal and spiritual healing and co being. Besides giving "wake-up experiences" which is a multisensorial conference group of dinamic events towards sustainibility, I am currently working on a project called PUEBLA CIUDAD MURAL (puebla, mural city) www.pueblaciudadmural.wordpress.com and pueblaciudadmural.blogspot.com
this project aims to diginify the facades of 52 residential buildings that are currently falling apart due to economic devestatrion in a much needed area of my home town in the neighborhood of Xanenetla. Through muralism as a tool, we will work along side the community of xanentela in the design of murlas that will reflect and communicate their personal history as families and as a community as well as unique group dinamic towards a more peacful enviornment through the mural development and creative workshops that will include : storytelling towards creative tourim and tourist guides, eco techniques with nopal or cactus, generation waking up experience,painting for children, dance and paint warkshop and mural history among others.


love. use my creative mind and energy towards giving love in an unselfish way and channeling the creativity towards a collective effort where there are no egos or people who are better off than others, just beauty in the effort and beauty in the conclusion of it all.

hello, my name is..


here it is! this minute rabbit hole opening: it started off as a poke in the dirt then the finger went in a little deeper and twisted until the fist was right snug into the dirt and then suddenly slowly but steadily has been caving into what begins to be a tunnel towards Santos Brazil. O meu deus! que legal!

and there i am suddenly in a make believe room half way down the tunnel full of giddy tree-hugger-activists-socialchangemovers-powershifters like myself. among the bustling there is a smiley nervous almost adolescent sense and scent to me. If i were to have one of those american HELLO MY NAME IS tags on my left breast it would probably have been written in pink marker with a happy smile or turquoise spiral next to my name which reads: paola de la concha zindel, Yes., all of that. I have one of those names that a character from pulp fiction might think it had a certain defining meaning, and of course i do not dissapoint: my last name means from the shell, and in other spanish speaking countries, it has another definition which i will certainly not bore you with since it has vulgar connotations that would probably make a change agent such as yourself blush!

soo.... here i am, I must warn you that this special cyber space tinged with a deep desire that will strive towards a natural impossible-to-reach enviornment thru digital space will vow to be among all other things: genuine. I shall not present myself as a better version of myself, some superhero ecosocialperfectionist, but somebody who is at least trying and dedicating my life to something that at the end will leave me tired and content. but for the sake of you reader knowing me (if this interests you at all): i promise you that, full all the way genuine.

so in terms of who i am right now, im definitely like my rabbit hole: under construction. lets just say im like an onion. lotsa layers,lots of hiding,sharing,peeling,saving,protecting a core strong piece of me that remains smelly,stubborn but with butter softens up and melts in your mouth. Im at a pivitol moment in my life where my personality, way of being, spirituality and presence and identity is trying desperately to become a co-sense of existense with others be they people,beings,animals, insects and birds or mosquitos.

i guess my identity like so many of my generation is polkadotted with cultures and history, and so as so not to bore you with my lineage, i will express my identity in the form of a recipe:

1. one cup of chocolate oaxacan chocolate, with hot water, no sugar
2. three red chilis
3. 2 tablesppons aguactl (avocado)
4. 5 cloves of garlic from israel
5. 2 agave leaves
6. 7 drops of mezcal from a bottle with an old mans face on the green bottle
7. 2 teaspoons green salsa
8. 1 salmon bagel with cream cheese from bricklane
9. 1 cup of fresh rasberries picked in zurich
10. 2 patatas de españa
11. 7 clumps of pumpkin flower
12. one quarter cup black mole with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds
13. 2 ripe pommegrantes peeled and seeded
14. 2 blos of the windy city winds
15. two almond joys and one melanzane pizza
16. one cup matte with honey
17. one empanada with corn and melted cheese
18. one slice of irish cheddar
19. two falaffel balls
20. two challa breads
21. two lebkuchen cookies
22. one quesadilla
23.two tablespoons dahl
24. one lb of dancing spirit shifted
25. sprinkle of optimism
26. pinch of sarcasm
27. 27 cups of passion
28. two slices of empathy
29. ten loaves centeno black bread with grilled cheese love.

since we are on the introductory tone of things i might as well introduce the name of my blog: cenzontledeplata. cenzontle is a bird famous for its 400 different voices or calling. Nezahualcoyotl, the aztec famous poet was famous for one poem that he wrote which reads:

mi hermano : el hombre ( my brother: mankind)

Amo el canto de zenzontle (i love the singing of the cenzontle bird)
pájaro de cuatrocientas voces, (bird of 400 voices)
amo el color del jade (i love the color of jade)
y el enervante perfume de las flores, ( and the overwhwelming perfume of the flowers)
pero más amo a mi hermano; (but more than anything, i love my brother, mankind).
el hombre.

I have recently become part of the pacha mamma alliance organization which strives for a just more sustainable world, and our mexican generation of facilitator volunteers named ourselves cenzontles, so cenzontle, this magical bird of 400 voices and DE PLATA, means silver, the metal of our land. and so we flutter.

i love you my brother.